14 React.js Apps Built by FullStack Labs

FullStack Labs specializes in designing and developing beautiful, easy-to-use React.js applications. We've built dozens of apps for a variety of clients, a few of which are featured below.

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Changing the Way People Walk

Ekso is a leading manufacturer of human exoskeletons. By using React.js we helped Ekso design and develop Ekso Pulse, a secure online portal that provides tools for exoskeleton users to manage and retrieve data from their devices.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Ruby on Rails, Python, AWS S3

Custom Software Improves Efficiency

Benjamin West is the world's leading furniture, fixtures, and equipment procurement firm. Their legacy custom software system, which managed every aspect of their complex business, was nearing the end of its life, so they needed a partner to help them rebuild the application using modern technologies like React.js. After an extensive RFP process, they selected FullStack Labs, and we completed a six month design and prototyping phase to define exactly what would be built. The application is currently under development.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

Reimagining Transportation Management Software for the Logistics Industry

EKA builds digital tools to help brokers, shippers, and carriers run their logistics companies more efficiently. After a couple false starts with other agencies, EKA approached FullStack to help get their project back on track. We started by conducting an in-depth design sprint, then kicked off development utilizing React.js with other technologies. Two years later the app is live with paying customers, and we're continuing to assist with ongoing development and support.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

A New Way to Manage Logistics

Propel software is a whole new way for brokers, shippers, and carriers to manage their logistics companies. Propel approached us early in their project, post-design but pre-development. We collaborated with their team to understand their market and the problems they are solving, then built a team of developers and project managers to help their team build the application with React.js.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

Forming a Business Made Simple

Since 1999 SunDoc has made forming a business and filing legal documents online easy. Their legacy web app had served them well over the years, but was in need of a redesign and rebuild. We started by completing a design phase and creating a clickable prototype of the new application, then got to work building the app with React.js, in addition to other technologies.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

Custom Software Improves Manufacturing

chill-n-go, founded in 1977, is the leading manufacturer of high-quality wine bags, and other custom textile products. chill-n-go needed to improve the efficiency of their operations and make it easier for their customers to place orders. So we collaborated with them to design and develop using React.js, an online portal for their customers to place orders and manage their accounts, and a fully integrated order management system to improve the speed and efficiency of their internal operations.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

A New Way to Learn

ParagonCET is the leading provider of continuing education programs for salon professionals. For decades they've provided paper-based educational materials and certification tests. But they knew they needed to move their services to the cloud, so they hired FullStack to design and develop with React.js, a robust online training and test taking software system which is currently used by professionals across the United States.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

Amplifying the Voice of Small Business

NFIB is the largest advocacy group in the United States for small businesses. They were in need of a new mobile application for their users, so they partnered with FullStack to design and build Engage utilizing React.js along with other technologies. Engage allows NFIB's users (small business owners) to contact their elected representatives, receive action alerts about legislation affecting their businesses, register for events, stay informed on NFIB’s latest work, and share app content via email, text, and social media.

Technologies: React Native, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

Empowering Women-Owned Real Estate Businesses

LRE offers digital tools (websites, designs, social media, etc.) for real estate agents. We assisted LRE with designing and developing web-based, self-serve graphic design software, that allows their customers to create flyers, business cards, and other marketing materials for their real estate businesses. Users can choose a pre-existing template, create their own template, upload photos and graphics, and change colors, fonts, etc., to create the perfect design. React.js was the ideal technology to realize their version.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

Digitization for the Legal Industry

Gemini prepares subpoenas and obtains document evidence for California attorneys representing injured workers. Their experienced team of developers were highly skilled, but lacked experience with React.js so they hired FullStack and we embedded one of our talented React.js developers into their existing team. The engagement has been a great success, and we continue to work together on an ongoing basis.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Ruby on Rails, AWS S3

“FullStack has been a great addition to our team. They have a deep bench of React.js developers and a lot of domain knowledge with this technology. Arthur is a skilled and capable React.js developer who hit the ground running and quickly became a valuable contributor.“
Kenny Johnston - Director of Technology, Gemini

Building a Community for Entrepreneurs

The City of Sacramento has not traditionally been known as a destination for startups. But in recent years entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and other professionals have decided to move and start their businesses there. But the City of Sacramento noticed that these burgeoning companies often had a hard time connecting with service providers and other founders. So they tasked FullStack with building Resource Finder, an online marketplace-like application that helps different members of the startup ecosystem find each other and connect.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

Custom Software for One of California's Oldest Organizations

Since 1949 Pacific Maritime Association has administered maritime labor agreements with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. We designed and developed a new desktop-based software program with React.js that tests for typing speed and accuracy.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Node.js, AWS S3

Storm Tracking Tools for the Construction Industry

StormLogger is record keeping for storms made simple. Users can view the weekly forecast and chance of rain for all of their project sites, including detailed data for each location, as well as archived NOAA reports. Additional features include the ability to archive projects once completed, and to access historical reports whenever they are needed. React.js allowed us to develop a usser-friendly and responsive app.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, Ruby on Rails, AWS S3

Technology Makes Learning Fun

Learning Without Tears is on a mission to make learning and teaching easy and fun by providing superior educational products to teachers and students. Over the years they've worked with a few different consultancies, but ultimately decided that they needed to find a partner that specialized in React.js, so they partnered with FullStack. They wanted to start small to test the waters - just one developer - but over time we've added additional developers, a React.js architect, designer, project manager, and quality assurance professionals.

Technologies: React.js, Babel, AWS S3