12 Ruby on Rails Apps Built by FullStack Labs

FullStack Labs specializes in designing and developing beautiful, easy-to-use Ruby on Rails applications. We've built dozens of Ruby on Rails apps for a variety of clients, a few of which are featured below.

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Changing the Way People Walk

Ekso is a leading manufacturer of human exoskeletons. Using Ruby on Rails, we helped Ekso design and develop Ekso Pulse, a secure online portal that provides tools for exoskeleton users to manage and retrieve data from their devices.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React.js, Babel, Python, AWS S3

Connecting Parents, Children, & Summer Camps

Bunk1 connects parents with their children while they're away at summer camp. We helped Bunk1 build iOS and Android apps that fully integrated with their existing camp management software. We also designed and developed a new UI for their Ruby on Rails web app, and helped them refactor and improve legacy code.

Technologies: React Native, Babel, Ruby on Rails, AWS S3

A New Way to Rent Classic Movies

ClassicFlix is Netflix for classic films. Users can filter and search for thousands of different films, place and manage orders for DVD rentals, manage payments, manage their accounts, etc. Using Ruby on Rails, we integrated the system with third party drop shipment APIs and order management systems. There’s also an administrative dashboard to manage users, orders, etc.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AWS S3

A New Way to Purchase and Provide Local Services

Yaya is a Silicon Valley startup focused on building a new way to hire service providers by using chat. Yaya reached out to FullStack Labs with their concept and a basic set of wireframes. We worked with them to distill the concept, design and build a prototype, and eventually develop and launch iOS and Android apps, using Ruby on Rails and React Native.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React Native, AWS S3

“I am very happy with this group of young people. They work hard. They know what they are doing. I have full confidence in them. It was a very wise decision to go with them. I already referred a potential client to FullStack Labs.“
DC Wei - CEO, Yaya

Sacramento's Commercial Real Estate Network

SCRE Net is the leading marketplace for commercial office space in Sacramento. It's like Zillow, but for commercial offices. Users can search for properties, contact listing agents, view pictures, and more. SCRE Net came to us early in the project which allowed us to start by completing a full design phase, then eventually moving onto to develop the application with Ruby on Rails.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AWS S3

“FullStack has been a great addition to our team. They have a deep bench of React.js developers and a lot of domain knowledge with this technology.“
Kenny Johnston - CEO, App Creations

Helping Employers Qualify for Tax Credits

WOTC Planet helps employers qualify and apply for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Applying for tax credits is a tedious process that requires a lot of paperwork. WOTC wanted to simplify this process for their clients, so they had FullStack design and develop a simple, intuitive multi-step form that allows their clients to quickly and easily determine eligibiility and apply for Work Opportunity Tax Credits. The app is currently live and being used by dozens of companies.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AWS S3

Building a Community for Entrepreneurs

The City of Sacramento has not traditionally been known as a destination for startups. But in recent years entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and other professionals have decided to move and start their businesses there. But the City of Sacramento noticed that these burgeoning companies often had a hard time connecting with service providers and other founders. So they tasked FullStack with building Resource Finder, an online marketplace-like application that helps different members of the startup ecosystem find each other and connect. Using Ruby on Rails, we were able to develop an app that provided the connectivity Sacramento was looking for.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AWS S3

Fintrix Provides Sales Enablement Tools for Finance Professionals Targeting Family Offices and Private Capital Markets

They'd partnered with another consultancy to build the MVP version of their app, and brought in FullStack post-launch to maintain the app and perform ongoing feature development with Ruby on Rails.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AWS S3

Connecting Nurses With Hospitals

American Academy of CRNAs matches skilled CRNAs with hospitals for temporary & permanent staffing needs. They'd contracted with a few different freelancers and consultancies to build the MVP version of their app, then brought us in to help maintain the Ruby on Rails app, add features, fix bugs, etc.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AWS S3

Storm Tracking Tools for the Construction Industry

StormLogger is record keeping for storms made simple. Users can view the weekly forecast and chance of rain for all of their project sites, including detailed data for each location, as well as archived NOAA reports. Additional features include the ability to archive projects once completed, and to access historical reports whenever they are needed. We were able to develop this app with Ruby on Rails technology.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React.js, Babel, AWS S3

Digitization for the Legal Industry

Gemini prepares subpoenas and obtains document evidence for California attorneys representing injured workers. Their experienced team of developers were highly skilled, but lacked experience with React.js so they hired FullStack and we embedded one of our talented React.js developers into their existing team. The project also required the use of Ruby on Rails technology which our skilled developers provided. The engagement has been a great success, and we continue to work together on an ongoing basis.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React.js, AWS S3

“FullStack has been a great addition to our team. They have a deep bench of React.js developers and a lot of domain knowledge with this technology. Arthur is a skilled and capable React.js developer who hit the ground running and quickly became a valuable contributor.“
Kenny Johnston - Director of Technology, Gemini

Building Trust Online

SSL is the trusted name in SSL/TLS and digital certificates. They had an inhouse team but needed to add a Ruby on Rails expert to help them go faster. So we added a senior Ruby on Rails developer and worked together on their application for over two years.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AWS S3