Great apps start with great design. We can build the most amazing technology in the world, but if it's ugly and difficult to navigate, no one will want to use it, and your efforts will all have been for naught. User adoption is as important to us as it is to you, so we place a great emphasis on designing beautiful and intuitive interfaces that your users will love. Below are a few of our favorite prototypes that we’ve recently designed.

Yaya is a Silicon Valley based startup that's building a whole new way to hire local service providers, using chat. Yaya approached FullStack with a big idea and a set of wireframes. We worked with their team to refine the concept, design and implement a prototype, and build an iOS and Android application using React Native.

Bunk1 connects parents with their children while they're away at summer camp. We helped Bunk1 build an iOS and an Android app that fully integrated with their existing web application. We also designed and developed a new UI for their web app, and helped them refactor and improve legacy code.

The Tandem Traveler, previously known as Skyway Language, helps world travelers quickly learn new languages prior to going on vacation. With The Tandem Traveler’s simple and intuitive lesson plan and teaching methods, travelers learn to order from restaurants, name common items, and communicate with locals. The Tandem Traveler approached FullStack with basic wireframes, and we helped them refine the general product specifications and design and build a prototype of version 1 of their app.

MomKit educates mothers on proper breastfeeding techniques, and helps them solve common problems like pain reduction, increasing milk supply, preventing engorgement and improving latching. We helped MomKit design and build an interactive prototype which will serve as the blueprint for the iOS app, once development begins.

Bunk1 Web

Bunk1 helps parents stay in touch with their kids while they're away at camp. We helped Bunk1 design and develop a new user interface for their web-based parent portal, giving an updated look and feel to the app and making it easier to use and navigate.


TableBank is free community banking software for non-profits, built by Willow Tree Roots, a Sacramento based non-profit. We worked with the team at WillowTree to understand their existing paper-based process, then carefully designed the TableBank application to automate and digitize their existing process.


LandSeller connects buyers and sellers of bare land across California. We used Material Design methodology to build a clean, simple, and easy to use UI for the first version of the site.

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