React Native Developer Hiring Guide

Hiring talented React Native Developers is hard. This guide summarizes everything we've learned from hiring hundreds of developers, and outlines our proven, step-by-step process for interviewing and hiring top React Native developers.

React Native Job Description

Creating an accurate and informative job description is a critical (and often overlooked) part of finding and hiring the right React Native developers for your company. A good job description properly describes the types of candidates you’re looking for, what they’ll be doing, the type of experience they will need to excel in the role, and information about your company and why talented candidates should be interested in joining your team. To help you get started, we’ve open sourced (meaning it’s free to use and copy) our React Native developer job description template.

React Native Technical Job Application & Screening Process

As with all public job postings, you should expect to receive dozens to hundreds of applicants, of which almost all will be unqualified. To simplify the screening process and quickly determine which developers meet your minimum criteria (and which don't) we recommend having applicants complete an online job application and answer a few standard questions. Your team can then review the answers to these screening questions and quickly determine which React Native candidates qualify and which don't. See our React Native developer screening questions.

Interview Process

Once you’ve screened applicants and determined which you’d like to interview, you’re ready to begin interviewing. We recommend the following step-by-step interview process:

Scheduling Email

Although it seems routine, the initial email that you send to schedule the screening interview is a good opportunity to communicate information to the candidate about how your interview process works, and what to expect at each stage. Communicating this information makes your company look professional and organized, which can give you a competitive advantage over the other companies the candidate is interviewing with. Here is a template of the email we send, and the interview process overview document we attach. We recommend using MixMax or Calendly as an easy and convenient way for candidates to choose an interview time that’s convenient for them, without all the back and forth emails trying to find a time that works for everyone.

The purpose of the first interview is to perform a basic screening of candidates to determine if they are likely to possess the technical and professional skills you're looking for. To do this we recommend the following:

  • Ask candidates these standard interview questions and record their responses.
  • Have candidates complete the following written assessment test to measure their professional writing skills and also learn more about the type of company and work environment they are looking for.
  • Applicants complete this online React Native test to determine their general knowledge and understanding of React Native.

Interview 2

Pair Programming Session - The second interview is mostly technical in nature, and gives your technical team a chance to assess the technical abilities of the candidate in real time. To do this we’ve created the following React Native coding challenge that candidates complete during a video conference with one of our senior technical team members.

Interview 3

The final interview is non-technical in nature. Interview 1 and 2 thoroughly tested the applicants technical abilities, so by the time the candidate gets to the final interview there should be no doubt about their technical abilities.

The purpose of the final interview is to:

  1. ensure that the candidate understands the responsibilities of the position and what they will be doing from day to day
  2. determine if the candidate is a good match for the company's culture and shares the company's values
  3. share all the great things about your company and the reasons why they should accept an offer if one is advanced. There are countless React Native developers out there who are strong technically, but who lack soft skills, work ethic, and / or don't share your companies values. If you hire these folks they will likely fail, so focusing exclusively on technical abilities isn't sufficient. To help figure all this out, we ask the following Final Interview Questions.

Job Offer

We use job offers as another opportunity to communicate information about our company, who we are, what we're looking for, and why developers should join our team. We continue to communicate this information with the hope that the candidate will either identify with our culture and accept the job offer, or disagree with our culture and reject the job offer. To communicate all of this, we attach the following documents to each job offer.

  • Offer letter: an offer letter, which includes details on the roles and responsibilities of the position, location, manager, title, compensation, benefits, PTO, etc.
  • React Native Developer personas: This document describes two different React Native of whom will thrive at our company, and one who will not. The hope is that the candidate will either identify with the successful developer persona, and accept our job offer, or identify with the unsuccessful developer persona, and reject our job offer.
  • An overview of our company culture and values, including our mission statement, vision statement, and company values. This helps candidates further understand the company’s culture and determine if they are a good fit.
  • Our company's design and development playbook, which helps candidates understand our project management process and how we manage teams and individuals.
  • FullStack Feedback, which outlines how our team should give and receive feedback, and further explains our management philosophy.

Tips & Tricks for Hiring Great React Native Developers

  • Look for prior iOS/android experience.
  • Ensure that they are aware of the changes to RN over time. (differences between versions)
  • Ask them their favorite sources of RN news and information. Who is their favorite public RN developers.
  • Ask them their least favorite part about RN and why (shows how deeply they have dug into the system)
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