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Arley Alvarez, UI/UX Designer near Barranquilla, Colombia
Arley Alvarez

UI/UX Designer

Near Barranquilla, Colombia

Masters, Digital Marketing and eCommerce, University of Barcelona

7 Years of Experience

Professional Bio

As a UX/UI Senior Designer, I've been crafting delightful product experiences for companies and start-ups for more than four years. I use Figma and Sketch for design and InVision for proto-typing. I have served clients in the retail, pharma, banking and tourism spaces throughout the years, as well as designing materials for a non-profit wildlife conservation project. I have a Masters in Digital Marketing and eCommerce from the University of Barcelona. In my free time I love to continue learning, painting, and watching live soccer matches.

Barranquilla Office
Technology Expertise
Figma Invision Sketch
Employment History

FullStack Labs Jan 2020 - Present

UI/UX Designer

Consware Oct 2018 - Jan 2019

Lead UI/UX Designer

• Responsible for product strategy and UX design projects.
• Utilized value proposition and business model canvas.
• Provided UX research, empathy maps, personas, user interviews, wireframes, prototyping, and UI Design.
• Designed and maintained the company application Gasdata.

Uxerware Dec 2018 - Nov 2019

U/X Designer and Co-Founder

• Led a digital agency that helped companies and start-ups to create top innovative digital products.
• Provided product strategy, UX/UI Design, Development, and Digital Marketing.
• Made presentations to clients and provided advice and direction to ensure that marketing goals were met.
• Responsible for all client communication and team leadership.

NativApps Apr 2017 - Oct 2018

UI/UX Project Manager and Designer

• Was responsible as Design Team Leader for UX/UI project estimations, resource assignments, and kickoff meetings.
• Provided UX research, user interviews, personas, journey mapping and product delivery for clients.
• Responsible for web and mobile application design under material and iOS design systems.
• Used inVision, Adobe XD and Sketch for sketching and prototyping.

UI Designer Apr 2016 - Jan 2017


• Responsible for delivering UI Design Systems and high-fidelity prototypes of mobile apps and websites for various companies.
• Provided design services for companies delivering products to tourists.
• Utilized Illustrator to design websites for clients in the construction and retail industries.
• Reviewed current UX of existing websites and provided feedback and improvements.

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