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Jonathan Schalchlin, Admin near Austin, TX
Jonathan Schalchlin

Business Development Manager

Near Austin, TX

7 Years of Experience

Professional Bio

As a Business Development Manager at FullStack Labs, I’m focused on helping organizations achieve their developer and project needs. I am a motivated critical thinker with years of management, training, and developing professionals to achieve their goals as individuals and a team. I have a unique outlook with experience from the corporate world to the startup grind. When I am not helping organizations with developer needs, I like to volunteer feeding those in my community, and spending time with my dog, Gunner, listening to blues.

Austin, TX
Employment History

FullStack Labs Mar 2020 - Present

Business Development Manager

LawnStarter Lawn Care Jun 2017 - Jun 2019

Senior Manager Sales Operations

• Identified workflow improvements by remaining current on industry trends, sales tactics, and competitors.
• Monitored customer buying trends, market conditions and competitor actions to adjust strategies and achieve sales goals.
• Built an environment where people looked forward to coming to work and were challenged.
• Coached and developed employees on methods for handling various aspects of sales and support.

Apple Apr 2016 - Nov 2016

Small Business AOS

• Completed activities and met target deadlines to achieve sales goals and execute world class customer service.
• Provided the Apple experience for customers.
• Demonstrated knowledge of Apple’s mission, core values, and culture.
• Helped small business owners with the buying process.

Software Advice Mar 2015 - Mar 2016

Software Advisor

• Helped buyers find the right software for their needs, providing free consultations, reviews and research.
• Specialized in construction management companies with business volumes ranging from $1M+ a year.
• Showcased product features to customers and discussed technical details to overcome objections.
• Identified prospect’s needs and developed appropriate responses along with information on the appropriate software.

Sears Holdings Corporation Aug 2012 - Jan 2015

Sales Team Manager

• Created and executed sales training program with an increase of 47% sales in the department.
• Developed and coached zero sellers on closing techniques.
• Handled customer escalations to ensure every effort was made to provide outstanding customer service.
• Monitored team’s QA to increase overall customer satisfaction.

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