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Sam Hanes, React.js Developer near Reno, Nevada
Sam Hanes

Senior Software Engineer, React.js Developer

Near Reno, Nevada

10 Years of Experience

Professional Bio

As a Senior Software Engineer at FullStack I'm focused on building complex mobile applications using React.js. Prior to FullStack Labs I was the Founder and CTO of my own development company and was the leader of a DevOps team improving processes for WhiteHat Security.

Reno, Nevada
Technology Expertise
Employment History

FullStack Labs June 2019 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

BST Event Services Mar 2019 - May 2019

Lead Software Engineer

• Founder and lead developer of a software startup serving the event planning industry.
• Designed and implemented a web app with complex visualization of dependency data.
• Collaborated on the design of an event-sourced backend server and its GraphQL API.
• Managed company, production, and CI/CD infrastructure.

SNAFU Con May 2010 - May 2019

Head of IT

• Volunteer head of a small IT team for a fandom convention run entirely by volunteers.
• Maintained and improved a PHP+MySQL application managing most aspects of the business.
• Converted production and on-site servers to repeatable deployment with Ansible.
• Deployed and managed email and ticketing infrastructure based on Postfix, Dovecot, and RT.

WhiteHat Security Aug 2013 - Mar 2016

Senior Software Engineer

• Leader of a DevOps team driving improvements for a SaaS application.
• Automated deployment of a production environment including databases and network services.
• Designed and managed a CI/CD pipeline handling unit testing, and large-scale integration testing.
• Reduced development environment setup by building on production automation efforts.

Extentech Oct 2008 - Feb 2013

Software Engineer

• Maintained and improved large codebases, including a Java library for manipulating spreadsheet files.
• Initiated and led a long-term project to find and resolve vulnerabilities in a web application.
• Spearheaded the adoption of issue and support case tracking software.
• Modernized and expanded a suite of automated tests; introduced unit testing.

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